Social Media Goals

The hardest thing I have found about being an entrepreneur is setting goals.

When I was working for a home improvement company it was much easier to set goals and fulfil them. For instance, sometimes my goal was as simple as getting dressed and showing up on time for work -it doesn’t get easier than that. Although that task seems simple, it was sometimes hard for me to accomplish because I lived far from work and traffic would affect my routine which resulted in me arriving late to work. So, a simple task can be difficult to achieve when there are barriers beyond your control that affect you. However, I realized I could beat traffic by scheduling myself to leave home early. This proved to be effective as I would arrive to work on-time.

What I have learnt so far:

  1. Create a routine
  2. Create a schedule
  3. Set goals

I only started using Instagram on June 23 2017, its been a rocky journey mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was I wanted to focus on interior design because this is what I studied and I worked for a home improvement company so focusing my theme on interior design made the most sense. Sceptically, I posted one picture and to my surprise 11 people liked it and I received 1 comment. I was amazed but motivated. However, only until the beginning of August did I decide that I wanted to track my success. I wanted to understand what I was doing, so I set targets, tracked my results, and examined my scheduling habits.

Here is an example of my social media target sheet, i created this sheet to track my work.


Creating a medium to track my social media success has given me a sense of urgency to meet my goals. It has motivated me because I can see graphically where I exceed my target. Additionally,  it reveals an opportunity, that is, on Wednesday I have a higher response rate as there are a lot more people who like my pictures. This further shows that I should post my best work on Wednesday as it reaches more people on this day. So, create a schedule , set a routine and set targets.

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