Architecture: Weave House by A -cero

If you’re an architect you’ll love this house. This modern home is designed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares from the architectural firm A-Cero. These architects created a piece of art that’s not just a house or a standing structure for someone to live in but it’s a sculpture that has been carefully crafted. At a closer look, you can see the level of detail that has gone into each corner of this home, for example the side has this organic cut-out for a glass window.  This type of window design allows light to come into the interior space more efficiently because light isn’t concentrated in one area.

The simplicity of this home makes it very captivating. As you can see right from the facade, the house is more prominent because the landscaping is just lawn and no flowers. You can truly appreciate the architectural features of this modern home. For example,  the sharp horizontal lines is very dominant. This modern home has no decorative feature and no ornaments. The architect has created a seamless look by having the window and the door from the same glass material.

The colour scheme for this house is simple its just white which gives it a futuristic look with the curved organic edges and the seamless continuous lines.



Credits: Contemporist                 Photo: Marcos Domingo

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