How to perfect bohemian style

Bohemian style is one that is both for fashion and interior lovers. It’s a design style that focuses entirely on ‘artists, writers and intellectuals’. If you’ve ever been to an artist’s home you know that it’s usually messy because they own a lot things.

Bohemian style is a reaction to wealthy artifacts and reckless spending and more about frugality and thrifting. It’s all about finding old, unused or discarded pieces and bringing them back to life in a creative way.  If you’re a traveller and you have pieces from your adventures  then you’ll appreciate this style. Essentially, everything you own becomes an opportunity to be showcased as a piece of art. By using colours and layering, you can truly achieve a unique space.

Top 10 features of Boho Style

  1. Flowered patterns


  1. Layering


  1. Colourful


  1. Embraces medieval


5. Hand crafted pieces



6. Plants  & Clutter


7. Ethnic influences: Persia, India, Turkey and China


8. Vintage pieces with lots of history


9. Old & New

tricia guild

10. Unique pieces



Credits: thewishingtrees , beautifulism, barefoot-duchess,  justfabrics, bellatory, housebeautiful , vtv, popsugar,

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