Interior Design: Top Trends in 2018

Each year there is a strong desire to refresh and transform a home. The need for change is driven by the industry as well as homeowners who are tired of a specific look. Time plays an important role in redecorating a space, as some people update their home every season while others go through a significant life changing experience that requires a decorating rehab.

This year I have had the opportunity to decorate with some exciting furniture, finishes and material. With the abundance and diversity of materials available in the retail market i’m pleased to see that there is a growing number of homeowners who are interested in exploring different colours, styles and textures.

  1. Leather Sofa and Accent Chair

A classic furniture piece that will never go out of style, that is, leather accent chairs and sofa. Today, leather can be manipulated into different shades and texture to create truly beautiful pieces. Modern leather chairs provide a clean and simplistic look that can be incorporated into different interior settings. The traditional chesterfield and club chair are one-of-a-kind and will always be an iconic favourite for conservative interiors along with transitional and eclectic spaces.



2. Velvet Sofa

I was surprised when a client specified velvet as the sofa material that would be best suited for their family needs. Some of my clients wanted a sofa with a contemporary flare with mid-century elements, while other’s were drawn to transitional sofa with curved arms and ornate legs. I was stunned to find a wide variety of colours available in the market and excited that the clients were leaning towards green or blue. These were vibrant colours that would not only be the accent shades for the space but also be the centre piece for the overall design.


3. Swing Chair

A playful and youthful element to introduce into a room, a swing chair screams unique personality. It’s a great feature for an entertainment or family room as it’s texture and materials exhibit a casual presence. The most popular swing chair is one that is made from natural fibre, which can be great for balconies and porches. Modern designs made from clear acrylic provide a clean and sleek look.



4. Natural Fibre Pendant Lighting

A great statement piece to any room is lighting. It’s a great focal point and has the ability to tie the whole room together. Natural fibre pendant lamps are the newest lighting style that is dominating the industry. Depending on the lighting designer, the fixture can be simple or ornate to provide more drama to the space.


5. Decorating with Gold

Gold is still on trend and is not going anywhere. The reason is that designer’s have discovered more creative ways of introducing gold into a space. There are newer finishes of gold such as brushed and semi-polished  which have a muted undertone that reduces the brightness of the gold. Bright gold is a popular item in the market that can become a feature piece for the entire room.

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