Beautiful Blue Bedrooms

When designing homes for clients, I find blue to be one of the most requested colour to integrate into a space. As a cool tone it exhibits a relaxing and serene vibe into a room which is especially important when it comes to a bedroom. As sleeping being one of the main functions of the bedroom, having a sanctuary-like aura is essential to ensure a good night (pun intended).

A splash of paint is the most impactful way to introduce blue into the bedroom. Some people go for a safe option by having an accent wall while others are bold and paint the entire room blue. There are different hue and saturation of blue to consider which includes muted, bright, mid-tone and dark. Bright blue is probably the most difficult colour to use in a room because it tends to have a youthful vibe, however it can be incorporated through decor as accent pieces. For a light and airy feel muted tones are the best, while to create drama, mid-tone and dark blue is more appropriate.

Decor is the most convenient and simplest way of embracing blue. Drapery, area rug, art and lamps are just a few examples of decor pieces that can easily transform the boudoir into a retreat. Mixing different shades of blue is a fantastic way to be creative as it showcases an eclectic style.


Credits: a cup of life


Credit: Stylemepretty


Credit: EmilyHenderson


Credits: architecturaldigest



Credits: Homepolish


Credits: Sarah Dorio MyDomaine


Credits: CoteMaison


Credits: homebunch



Credit: lifeonvirginiastreet


Credit: thezoereport


Credits: Carlaaston



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