Inspiring Wallpaper Design for your Entryway

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring in a strong personality into the entryway. It’s presence can be used to define the area. There are a variety of wallpaper colours and shapes, as there are options available for every style including traditional, modern, eclectic, feminine, industrial, boho, and contemporary.

Geometric wallpaper patterns is currently the most popular style in the market. People are attracted to geometric wallpaper because of the repetition of the pattern that is created using simple lines and shapes. The patterns mimic traditional wallpaper but the  shapes create a contemporary feel which is what appeals to most people.

Traditional wallpaper still dominate the market as the common illustrations are floral patterns. However, companies now, have put a modern twist by infusing bold colours with the floral patterns which creates a dramatic look.

To create a modern look with wallpaper grasscloth is the way to go, as it lacks patterns or drawing’s but has a mixture of two or three different colours that are shown subtly. It creates a very sophisticated feel that compliments different styles.



Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 2.45.23 PM.png











Source: decoistshelterinteriordesign, houseofharper, houseofjadeinteriorblog, housebeautiful, fresh-thinkinghomedit, tlcinteriors, bagliodelmarchese , bannerdaysf, bagliodelmarchese, digsdigs

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