The Best Toilet for your Bathroom

Bathrooms can sometimes be the forgotten room in a home but like a kitchen it’s a very important and most used room. Small bathrooms are even harder to design as there may be space configuration and plumbing issues. These pictures will inspire you to renovate your bathroom.

  1. Toilet

Probably, the most used item in the bathroom which tends to require regular maintenance. Although, there are a variety of toilets available in total below are a list of the four most popular toilets available in the market. Other element to consider when purchasing a toilet include colour as there are different shades of white, concealed and exposed tramway, and the flushing mechanism which may be a dual flush or a single flush, and the seat height is crucial as it ranges from 14.5″ to 17″.

a. Two-Piece Toilets

As stated in the name there are two part’s to this toilet which includes the tank and the bowl. During, installation the tank and bowl are fixed together to create a complete piece.


b. One-Piece Toilet

A great opportunity to  have a sleek modern toilet design into your bathroom. It has been praised for it’s easy to install mechanism due to it’s one-piece design with the flushing system and bowl connected. However, some experts claim that it’s difficult to get plumbing part if an issue occurs.


c. Wall-Hung Toilet

Probably, the most unique type of toilet available in the market. Wall-hung toilets are more commonly used in commercial properties such as restaurant, mall, and institutional buildings. As a space saving solution, wall-hung toilet makes it more convenient as the toilet can be placed on any wall without interrupt the design.


d. Smart toilet

Technology has made it much easier to get comfort while using the toilet. It’s also allowed for more cleanliness with features such as heated seat, motion-activated lighting, hands-free flushing, bidets, self-cleaning wands and warm-air dryers. Smart toilets provide a new experience and exciting experience when using the toilet but functionality and design provides a clean and sleek look.


Ultimately, the main factors that determine which toilet you select is based on the price and style. The main style’s in the market are traditional, contemporary and modern. While, the priciest is the smart toilet as it consist of many technological functions and the  least expensive is the two-piece toilet which is considered standard.


Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 9.56.07 PM

Credits: HGTV, thespruce

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