Pinterest Friendly Thanksgiving Table Setting

A time to be with family and friends, thanksgiving, reminds us that we are only a couple of months to Christmas. So, it’s a great family event to practice some decorating skills in time for the holiday. Thanksgiving is all about food, so it’s not surprising we’ll be focusing on tablescaping. To begin, start with a theme this includes country, feminine, farmhouse, beach, masculine, …etc. Then pick your colour scheme, this is the most important part because it will define what items are purchased. The worst thing you can do is buy things and force everything to fit which can ultimately lead to a chaotic design.

A neutral palette is the safest way to go, especially if you’re scared of introducing too much colour into the dining table. White and different shades of grey and brown are popular neutral shade that can make the table look lovely and inviting. Plants are a great way to add colour with the neutral tone, faux leaves are the most common decor styling item and just a simple branch or even a stem can significantly enhance the whole table decor. For someone who loves colour stick with two tones, a table is such a small space and having too much colour will make the table look cluttered. Pumpkin are a natural way to add a punch of colour, as it’s a great centrepiece decor item that prepares you for halloween.  To complete the design add candles, it will add height so that everything isn’t one level.

Here are the selection of images from Pinterest that will inspire you to be creative for thanksgiving.



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