House Exterior in Farmhouse Style

The exterior of a house truly sets the ambiance of a home.  From a real estate point of view curb appeal can instantly increase the value of a home by 10 percent. A potential buyer can be discouraged from viewing a home based on its exterior appearance. So if your house exterior is looking tired and worn down, we’ll explain why you should consider a facelift.

If you watch Fixer upper then you are aware that Joana Gains begins her transformation from the outside. In every home she remodels, Joana manages to reconfigure the facade of a home into a unique property. For the most part, many of the homes are bland and cookie-cutter, she mixes different materials but sticks to white as the primary colour for the colour scheme.

Landscaping can sometimes be the forgotten piece in the remodelling puzzle but can also be the piece that can instantly enhance the exterior of a space. A punch of colour from flowers, plants and trees can make a simple front yard look picturesque.

Below is a list of beautiful farmhouse exteriors

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 6.03.39 AM.png

Credit: Magnolia


Credit: Magnolia


Credit: Magnolia


Credit: Magnolia


Credit: Magnolia


Credit: Magnolia


Credit: M House Development


Credit: Houzz


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