Creative Gallery Wall In The Bedroom

As an intimate room, the bedroom is an extension of a person’s character and lifestyle. Bold colours and patterns can truly make a bedroom come to life. Different from the common areas in a home, art can be strategically placed in a bedroom to exude a burst of personality. It’s always important to think of the colour scheme for the whole room because the selected art can be an extension of the theme. If the color scheme has a pop of colour having a number of colourful artwork in a white picture frame will allow the colourful tone to stand-out in the room.

Art is a true expression of personality and framed art is the perfect décor to display them. Framed art comes in different format including photography, illustration, and print media; while, there are a variety of frame colours, thickness, and materials to choose from. 

To begin, take some time to decide where the art will be placed. A recent trend is to place art above the bed to fill the void space between the headboard and the ceiling. To be more creative, display the framed art in an asymmetrical gallery wall layout. White, natural wood, and black are three of the most popular picture frame colors. Of course, there are other colours available such as gold and grey but if you’re a DIYer making the extra effort to paint a wood or white picture frame is a great initiative to keep the colour scheme consistent. 

Size matter’s, well in terms of a gallery wall, in fact one large picture frame above the bed will be an instant focal point. Smaller picture frames surrounding a large frame acts as supporting accent pieces.

Here are some inspirational images of gallery wall in the bedroom that will make you update your bedroom with art. 

Credits: Onekingslane
Credit: Stylebyemilyhenderson
Credits: thediyplaybook
Credits: thehouseoffigs
Credits: nytimes
Credits: Houzz
Credits: oldbrandnew
Credits: oldbrandnew
Credits: potterybarn
Credits: instyle
Credits: Potterybarn
Credits: Potterybarn

We have selected some captivating posters that evoke a serene and peaceful feel, perfect for the bedroom. To find more calm and tranquil outdoor posters visit  Peakdunes.

Credits: Peakdunes

Credits: Peakdunes

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