Getting Prepared for Christmas

One of the year’s biggest festive holiday, Christmas, is right around the corner.  So, it’s time to start home decor shopping for the big event. It’s not just about the living room, Christmas decorating takes over the entire house from kitchen, dining room, bedroom and the exterior of the house. There are several different colours and decorations to use, the big question is how do you decide what décor to select? There is no definite answer, as Christmas decorating is a personal decision so some may elect for green and red décor while others may opt for a white and gold décor that conforms to the colour scheme in the home. 

We have a selection of inspirational images that will guide you to create a stunning Christmas décor.

Credit:  idreamofhomemaking

Probably, the easiest way to give off a Christmas vibe is to put up stockings on the fireplace. Neutral colours such as white and grey creates a calm and cozy feel, while focusing on one accent colour such as green adds a pop of colour without overwhelming a space. Using nature as decor is a subtle way to add colour, which is the case of small tin can evergreen and spruce trees. 
Credit: blessedmillhouse

Slowly decorate with some colourful throw pillows, a touch of red, blush and white pillows can instantly make the room pop. Accessorizing with wreaths, small ferns, garlands and ornaments on the table can instantly signify Christmas.  

Decorate the entryway with a pop of red using ribbons, wreath, beads and flowers. 
Credit: balsamhil

It’s all about scale, when there’s an opportunity to use large decor pieces take it. Christmas is once a year so enjoy and appreciate having large garlands on the exterior window and red colourful ornaments. 
Credit: themerrythought

For the minimalist, just having a pop of green with garlands is all you need to be in the festive spirit.
Credit: farmshenanigans

There are many people who love Christmas decor, so embracing the holiday with Santa hat chair cover can instantly signify the holiday season.
Credit: dora_maria_satora

It’s important to be very creative, this is especially true for a home with a unique style such as an all white interior.
Credit: homewithhollyj

Elegant Christmas decor that uses ribbons and wreath behind the bar stool creates a subtle but sophisticated look.  
Credit: _mirja

Lights and evergreen trees are two items that don’t overwhelm the room but create a cozy and somewhat romantic feel. 
Credits: jane_athome

Christmas decor tends to take over the entire house and by no means is the bedroom excluded. A simple garland above the headboard is all you need to add the holiday spirit to the bedroom. 
Credit: blessedonbluefinch

As many have said the kitchen is the heart of a home, therefore embracing the season and populating the kitchen with creative Christmas decor is just as important. The dead space above the cabinet can fit tangible items such as plants and ornaments. 
Credits: creekwoodfhill

Garlands can seriously do no wrong, placing it above the kitchen window, is a simple yet impactful statement that signifies the Christmas season. 
Credits: thehavenly

Staying true to the overall colour scheme and style in the home is important. The season should be a reflection of the existing style in a home, which means green and red decor is not a must. Gold has been a huge trend, so there are many homes that have incorporated this colour into their home, as a result there are stockings, candle holders in a gold tone which will complement gold decor. 
Credits: annieselke

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