Beautifully Decorated Christmas tree

As the main attraction, the Christmas tree is the most exciting and important piece of decor during the holiday. Nothing makes Christmas without a tree, however, decorating a tree can be a daunting task.

Decorating a tree can feel overwhelming because every section of the tree needs to be covered. With any design project, it’s important to take a step back and create a colour scheme. The popular colour to use is definitely red and green, however, there are other options available including 

  1. Blue and white
  2. White and Gold
  3. White and Silver (Grey)

So how do you incorporate these colours into your tree? Well, through ribbons, ornaments, beads and tinsel. 

Lighting is what gives the Christmas tree the wow factor. If you have ever stepped into a lighting store, you are aware of the wide variety of options. There are nine types of bulb styles, they include specialty, polka dot, globe, G12, Mini, C3, C6, C7, and C9. Additionally, there are four types of lighting style which are LED, Incandescent, Icicle, and Net. Here is an infographic that explains them in more detail. 

Credits: homedepot

Did you know that there are four different ways to arrange lights on a tree?  The lighting techniques are

  • Weaving
  • Layered
  • Triangle
  • Branch





We have selected beautifully decorated Christmas trees that will inspire you to think outside of the traditional styles and colours. 

Credits: hobbylobby
Credits: dreaming_with_dawson
Credits: michaelsstores
Credits:  christmasglitter
Credits: hobbylobby
Credits: decorsteals
Credits: christmassy_festive_fairies_
Credits: gatheredgrace
Credits: blessedonbluefinch
Credits: betterhomesandgardens
Credits: christmasglitter
Credits: jodie.thedesigntwins
Credits: christmasmaniac
Credits: thecultivatedhome
Credits: athomewithshanna
Credits: ourhouseofthree
Credits: christmas_passion_

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