Table Setting Ideas for Christmas Dinner

Food brings people together, which makes it the most exciting part of a Christmas get-together. There are really only two parts to decorating a dining table which are the centrepiece and the plate setting. Your home can be a source for inspiration, so be creative by reusing materials and items from your home. 

1.The Centrepiece

The cornerstone that grounds the decor of the whole table is the centerpiece. As the line of separation on the dining table, the centrepiece, can be as simple as having a couple of candle and as complex as incorporating garlands, ornaments, candle and flowers. Needless to say, flowers are the go-to decor items for a centrepiece. A set of small vases arranged in a linear array can instantly transform the table; however, to truly elevate the look ensure that the colours of the flowers match the table mat, ribbons, accent glass and ornaments. This is where colour scheme comes in,  having an accent colour like red, black, grey, gold or green can instantly make the space look cohesive.

   2.  The Plate Setting

Having a plate on the table, is an individual experience, so let’s ensure that every guest who has a sit on the table has a splendid time. Whether you are having a casual or a formal dinner the set-up is very different which you can see below. 

Casual Table
Formal Table
Dinner Party Table Setting

The napkin, plates, name tags and utensils are core elements of plate setting. The colour scheme is reinforced through napkins and name tags while, a serving plate or a butter plate can be used to bring in the accent colour.  

We have selected a gorgeous set of inspirational images that will help you transform your Christmas dinner this year. 

Moss Runner
Crimson Textures
Golden Fronds
Fancy Plates
Winter Fruit
We’re Seeing Red
Woodsy Wonderland
Red Velvet
Casual Stripes
Go Tall
Icy Details
Pretty Pewter
Stunningly Simple
Perfect Placecards
Black and White Plaid
Red and White Stripes
Christmas Napkin Ring
Twas the Night Before Christmas Tablecloth
Christmas Topiary with Sant Hats
White Lighting
Farm To Table
Festive Napkins
Have Blue Christmas
Wooden Charger
Individual Ornament
A Twist on Tradition
Starry Celebration
Trendy Table
Pop of Plaid
Jazz Up White Plates
Blanket of Snow

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