Top Affordable Farmhouse Bedroom Trends for 2019

It can sometimes be hard to predict what to expect in the upcoming year, however there have definitely been some hints of what will dominate the interior decorating market.

Refresh your bedroom with these easy to use tips.

Wallpaper have come a long way from the dated floral patterns. There are now wallpaper that mimic natural wood texture.

Shiplap as we know has dominated the interior design industry along with reclaimed wood.

We have selected a few wallpaper with shiplap and reclaimed wood texture.

Save time and money with these wallpaper, as it eliminates the need for a nail gun but still provides the same quality effect.

Vintage Wallpaper Roll
Credits: Shelterness

We have selected some inspirational images of cozy farmhouse bedroom that will guide you in the decorating process.

Along with that we have sourced specific products in the images to help streamline your shopping.

Credits: The Spruce
Credits: Digsdigs

Natural wood bed is back in style, it adds warmth to the all white room.

Metal bed has an industrial feel, but if you think of a farm it generally has utility items such as pitch fork along with other metals.

So, it’s only fair that a metal bed is part of the cozy farmhouse list.

Metal bed have a minimalist frame with simple lines and shape that makes the room feel open and airy.

Credits: Digsdigs
Credits: Shelterness

Barn doors are a great mix of both rustic and farmhouse style.

The bedroom image below, shows a creative mix of wood. On the barn door, there is natural wood, while the walls are covered with white shiplap.

The grey upholstered bed softens the space along side all the wood textures in the room.

Credits: The Spruce
Credits: Shelterness 

Storage is always crucial in a bedroom, moveable storage such as a seagrass trunk will add warmth yet will still be practical.

Credits: Shelterness

White distressed wood bed is a great way to continue an all white colour scheme.

Credits: LollyJane
Credits: Alsace Panel Headboard
Credits: Alsace Panel Wood Headboard

What is your favourite farmhouse trend for 2019? What do you expect will dominate the market?

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