Stunning Black and White Interiors

Black is a beautiful colour and has been neglected in the last couple of years. There are a wide variety of ways to incorporate black into different rooms in a home.

In the bedroom, shiplap is a popular wood panelling for walls and painting it black can create a modern feel.

Another way is through an upholstered headboard which can instantly create a focal point.

We know paint is the fastest way to transform a room, so paint the accent wall black, this can have a dramatic impact to in the room.

There are simple ways of introducing black into the bedroom, this includes drapery, wallpaper, comforter, pillow, art, and accent chairs.

We have selected some great images that will inspire you to consider black in your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and living room.


Credits: allmodern
Credits: ninatakesh
Credits: clothandmain
Credits: palmandprep

Living Room

As a rich and dominating colour, it’s important to recognize how to style the living room with black.

To evoke a sense of drama, mixing black with gold will create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Opt for accents of black, like the below image which consists of black leather side chair along with black side table.

The metal chandelier along with the subtle grey veins on the stone slab fireplace reinforce the black accent in the room.

Credits: kathykuohome

The most popular way to decorate with black is through creating contrast using white.

The next set of images illustrate how different designers have styled living rooms using black and white.

In the first image, there is an abundance of black as well as grey however, this space doesn’t feel dark instead it has a cozy and welcoming feeling.

White populates the overall space by having a white ceiling, bookshelf, rug and throw pillows.

In the next two images White dominates the room while black acts as an accent in the furniture, art, lighting and window trim.

Credits: jwsinteriors
Credits: studiomcgee

Have you heard of greige? Well, it’s a combination of beige and grey and the below image is the perfect illustration of a monochromatic colour scheme that uses greige.

Sometimes all you need is a touch of a black, this stunning oversized artwork is the perfect piece that adds a touch of elegance.

Dining Room

Beautiful thin black metal frame walls are the trendiest feature in interior design.

One reason for it’s popularity is that it provides an open feel yet it still divides each room.

As not everyone is a big fan of open concept, some people want to maintain defined spaces.

The white creates a nice backdrop for the sleek modern black metal frame walls which is truly the star of the show.

Credits: jla_designs

This room effectively utilizes mid-century modern furniture to create a vivid and striking setting.

The streamline furniture creates a clean and modern look.

The below image is a beautiful illustration of toning down black and instead opting for grey. The achromatic room is extremely sophisticated which exudes a mature ambiance.


Over the last couple of years we have seen the all white bathroom flood the industry, the new trend is to reduce the amount of white by complimenting it with black.

This achromatic colour scheme creates a very stylish and sophisticated look.

The minimalist design have such an upscale and almost hotel like feel. While the homey design is created by using shiplap, gold and cement tile.

Credits: ashleytstark
Credits: myhouseidea

For a minimalist this is the perfect bathroom.


Surprisingly, it’s still possible to achieve a welcoming and inviting kitchen with black.

The neutral tone is versatile with different materials, finishes and textiles.

Stove, is a great example of how to introduce black into an all white kitchen. The French stove lacanche fits seamlessly into this transitional kitchen.

Credits: studiomcgee

A clean and streamline kitchen, this modern design has slab cabinet doors along with open shelving in matte black finish.

The natural light from the window has black casement to continue the black theme.

Black and gold is a popular combination as you will see in the next couple of images.

The warm and brightness of gold can sometimes be overwhelming, these images illustrate that just a pop of gold in the lighting and faucet is all you need to add a sense of glam.

Credits: meiraustralia
Credits: leclairdecor

There was a time when people would shun the idea of decorating with brown and black.

Things have evolved and materials are much more sophisticated, as seen below, the modern cabinets compliments the mid century modern bar stools.

While the grain texture in the accent kitchen cabinet and bar stools compliment the scallop gold pendant light.

Credits: leclairdecor

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