Top 30 Kitchen Nook Banquette Design

Creating unique features in a home can be a selling point for buyers, as it caters to specific needs. A banquette can either be custom built or furniture based such as a settee. 

Usually in the kitchen there is a small area dedicated for a breakfast nook. This is particularly great for causal eating and can also be used for homework or reading.

We have selected a variety of pictures that showcase diverse styles that will accommodate different budget and lifestyle.

The important thing to note from these images is that a banquette adds an incredible amount of personality into a home and can be the jumping point to many other design features in a home. 

Whether the design is centered around a masculine or a feminine feel, understanding the over-arching theme for the space is crucial. 

The images with masculine designs use black and white neutral tones while feminine designs use pastel pink and red. 

Overall, most designers focused on a clean and simple neutral palette with a pop of colour –which is more apparent in the transitional and contemporary designs. 

However, a number of pictures definitely illustrate the need to push boundaries by using different textures such as reclaimed wood, rattan, and wallpaper. In fact, wall covering helps identify the nook as a separate area from the kitchen.

Lighting in the room is important as it ensures that the nook can be utilized throughout the day including at night, so a small-scale chandelier has been used as a statement piece to create a focal point. 

1. Blue and Black

2. Hanging Leather Stray Backrest

Credits: clothandmain

3. Black and Wood


4. Cottage Style

Credits: klinteriors

5. Wicker Chandelier

6. Emerald Green

7. Royal Blue

8. Gold Chandelier

9. Gallery Wall

Credits: vintage_cph

10. Brick Wall

11. Booth Style

Credits: luxemagazine

12. Beige Settee

Credits: drivenbydecor

13. Acrylic Dining Chair

Credits: jla_designs

14. Mid-Century Modern

15. Blue Accents

Credits: gildedhearth

16. Colourful Throw Pillow

Credits: WestElm

17. Wood Banquette

Credits: est_Living

18. Banquette seating with a chaise

Credits: roomfortuesday

19. Natural Wood Tones

Credit: brimoysa

20. Black Wall

Credits: theheartandhaven

21. Island Booth Banquette

Credits: deirdres_design

22. Herringbone Blue Wallpaper

Credits: theheartandhaven

23. Leather Banquette

Credits: brookewagnerdesign

24. Blue and Gold

Credits: interiors_curator

25. Colourful Accesories

Credits: southernhomemag

26. Black and Brown Leather

Credits: greyhuntinteriors

27. Different Shades of Beiges

Credits: citrineliving

28. Soft Pink

Credits: carpendaughter

29. Grey and Silver

Credits: kitchen_posts_daily

30. White Wood Panelling

Credits: studiomcgee

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