Project Reveal: Urban Condo Living

A new condo is such an exciting experience, especially when you’re a young adult.

This is the case for my client a young professional who recently moved to downtown Toronto.

My client wanted the design to have a contemporary style yet still be comfortable and cozy.

The client was renting the property, so the design had to take that into consideration and have items that can easily be moved without damaging the walls.

Property Images

The crisp smell of fresh new paint, a condo suite has an inviting ambiance that makes it refreshing.

The walnut floors and white walls is a neutral canvas for decorating.

The modern finishes definitely played a role in the overall design of the spaces.

Concept Board

The concept focused on a contemporary masculine style.

With light filtering in from the floor to ceiling window, white and grey furnishing were selected to create a cozy and comfortable feel.

Floor Plan

In a downtown environment like Toronto, space is always limited, such is the case with this property.

We were hired to design the living room and bedroom which have limited square footage.

The living room honestly had just the adequate amount of space for a sofa, rug, coffee table and a tv stand.

While the bedroom focused on the bed, a small rug and a desk.

Material Board and Room Rendering

Living Room

As a reflection of the concept board the material board continued the grey and white colour scheme with the addition of a dark turquoise blue. Overall the furniture is modern with simple lines and geometric shapes

Sofa | Rug | Tv Stand | Coffee Table | White Pillow | Blue Pillow | Abstract Art | Leaf Art


To create a serene and cozy room the colour scheme was a bit more white than grey with pops of blue accents. The contemporary furniture makes the space feel light and airy.

Headboard | Comforter | Nightstand | Rug |Quote Art | Abstract Art| Table Lamp


Shopping List

Are you a fan of urban condo living? what is your favourite furniture piece from this design.

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