Residential Homes with Gorgeous Exterior

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that’s not always the case when it comes to a home.

The exterior of the home speaks volumes to the type of the property.

A country or farmhouse style generally commands the same in the interior. Traditional design is still very popular and farmhouse style is the most used by homeowners.

The exterior of a home is more of an architectural expertise as the design requires the support and acknowledgement of a registered architect before it is approved by the urban planning department of the city which ensures that it complies with the city by-laws.

There are layers to the exterior, a beautiful home is the workmanship of a variety of labourers and talents including landscape architect, construction workers, architect, window designers/installers, and more.

There are so many homes that have a drab facade and the quickest thing to do is paint. Through the images below there is an instant realization that white is the most popular colour used. White has the ability to create high impact without the need to accessorize with shutters and lighting. The contrast between black and white or white and grey creates such a high impact that it makes the home visually appealing.

We have selected a variety of images of houses, so get inspired to update the exterior of your home.

M&M Lighting
Our White Farmhouse
Our blissful Cottage
Southern Motherhood Mag
Palm Grove Farmhouse


property grams

Which design is your favourite?

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