Contemporary and Luxurious Dining Room

A communal room for the family which can be the secondary space for food activities, that is, the dining room.

The primary of course being the kitchen, which is the food hub of the home.

When examining the dining room, obviously, the table and chairs are the foundational items, however, there are secondary items such as chandelier, rug and art that help transform the space. 

Luxury is associated with quality, which refers to the detailed craftsmanship used to create a product or design.

The interior of the home should dictate the design of a room, however, there have been a strong demand to mix different styles.

This new trend is partly due to people being influenced by different products and designs.

The images below show a number of unconventional mixes, for example a transitional room can have a bit more glam using polished chrome metal chandeliers.

In terms of metal, gold has made a significant resurgence and many designers have embraced it in a tasteful manner. 

Gold has always been associated with luxury, unfortunately, too much gold is undeniably overwhelming.

Brushed gold or brushed brass finish are alternatives to the bright and shiny gold which is difficult to design with.

High-end furniture designers have embraced gold specifically brushed gold, as seen by the images below, for instance, white marble top with brushed gold legs styled with brushed brass metal chair with leather upholstery.   

A recent colour that has surprisingly been embraced by the industry is black, as a neural tone, there are a variety of ways to use black in furniture.

As with the inspirational images below, some furniture designers created a two-tone round table with black, while in another example the round table is completely black.

The all black table is a statement piece especially when paired with a navy blue round dining chair. 

Accessories complete a room, lighting such as a chandelier is a huge part of having a completed space.

In two of the images, the designers used chandeliers that have a matte black metal, one is traditional while the other is contemporary.

The matte finish adds a sophisticated feel that is subtle and understated.

The muted matte metal is also seen in the legs of dining chairs, as shown in one of the images, this style is inspired by modern design to create an open and lighthearted space. 

Wood has really come a long way from the traditional chocolate brown colour.

With the influence of Scandinavian design, light wood tones have become increasingly popular, which is seen in a number of the images below.

One texture that is highly favoured is white washed, which is inspired by farmhouse style.  

There are so many furniture and accessories that evoke a sense of luxury, so which one is your favourite?

1. White and Cream Transitional
2. Contemporary Wood and Metal
3. Simple Transitional
4. Contemporary Eclectic
5. Masculine Style
6. Woven Wood Chairs
7. Gold and White
8. Traditional Mix
9. Gold and Navy blue
10. Neutral Contemporary Dining

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