10 Amazing Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair from Amazon

We love simplicity and so should you. Mid-Century Modern has a light and airy feel it creates through lightweight furniture pieces which can make a room seem bigger than it actually is.

Style is so important to the identity of a room, as such, financial constraints can sometimes alter the furniture budget, however, there are several ways to achieve a cohesive room.

Amazon is a great online platform to source affordable pieces at half the price.

Personalize any space with these Mid-Century Modern finds from Amazon.

1. Mid-Century Retro Lounge Chair, Grey

A causal piece, that is comfortable and stylish. The neutral grey tone has an upscale touch that can enhance the overall feel of the room.

2. Ventura Mid Century Modern Club Chair

Vibrant yet fun and simple, this piece is a great fit for a teenagers bedroom or a college dorm as the colour exudes a youthful ambiance. However, there are adults that appreciate a little quirky decor and this chair would be perfect for their living room.

3. Mid-Century Low Arm Accent Chair

This attention grabbing burnt orange colour exudes warmth which is perfect for a room with beige and brown colour scheme. A sometimes challenging colour to work with, the Rivet chair has a bit more of a saturated hue which makes it an excellent choice for a neutral room.

4. Erena Desdemona Mid-Century Fabric Accent Chair

A beautiful rendition of the slipper glass chair, the feminine silhouette of this chair has a graceful stature that can elevate a room. This armless chair makes it suitable for a small condo or apartment, as it creates an open and airy feel.

5. Mid Century Modern Contour Chair with Footstool

This fluid and organic shaped chair has an invigorating colour that is inviting, while the high back and foot stool makes it a suitable furniture for the family room. This chair is a perfect fit for any room that caters to sleeping and lounging activities.

6. Archibald Mid Century Modern Accent Chair

Lime green is a unique colour, in-between green and yellow it exhibits a bright and welcoming feel. The light wood tone on the legs adds to the modern flair of the chair. This chair is sophisticated with a bit of a modern spin.

7. Pub Barrel Chair, Blue

An understated barrel chair that is perfect for any living room. The low arch arm makes it suitable for small spaces such as an open concept living and dining room.

8. Leisure Mid-Century Modern Lounge Accent Chair

A rich and elegant colour perfect for a young adult transitioning from college living to adulthood. The tufted armchair with the straight, clean and un-ornate arms shows that this chair has a bit of transitional style which will be great in a living room.

9. Nutshell Lounge Chair in Brown

An organic and fluid lounge chair, that is perfect for any bachelor. This leather chair is a statement piece, that has a sleek and sophisticated feel to it. A splendid choice for a bachelor who either has a one bedroom apartment or a studio.

10. Menga Accent Chair

Pink is not the only option to achieve a fashionable and trendy millennial aesthetic. This chic chair with its tapered leg, light grey curved arm is a unique piece of furniture that can complement any colour scheme.

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