My Project Reveal: Master Bedroom Ensuite

More than just picking throw pillows and sofa, interior design is a very technical and skillful profession that can sometimes be misunderstood. This is a detailed look into the creation of an ensuite for a client.

We started with the inspirational images, this was a great first step for me to understand the clients vision. As seen below, I was able to create a mood board using images she admired.

The clients style is sleek and modern, she shares her master bedroom with her partner so the colour scheme contained a neutral palette, including greys, white and an accent brown.

Floor Plan

The goal of the project was to create a walk-in closet and a new bathroom. To begin I started with the bathroom as it requires a number of important plumbing items such as shower, toilet and sink.

Space planning for a bathroom is relatively simple as all the plumbing was directed to one wall. To some extent the shower base dictated the width of the bathroom, however there are standard spacing set by building code that we conformed to.

Material Board

The material board was relatively simple as the client had two options because the colour scheme was relatively the same expect for the accent colour.

In option 1 the accent colour is a light beige while in option 2 it is a dark rich brown. The client chose option 1, she wanted to have a sense of continuity between the wood tile and the vanity.

Option 1
Option 2

Rendered Floor Plan

Once we dealt with the space planning and material board, we merged the two and began to explore how the materials look in the space. The main difference was in the bathroom, specifically incorporating the different tiles in a small space.

The client chose option 1 because it had the right balance between the two flooring tile without overpowering the space.

Options 1
Option 2
Option 3

Room Rendered

The final selection was the shower glass, it may seem like there were a lot of decisions and in fact there were, because as a homeowner you want the space to look cohesive, especially if you hired the expertise of a designer.

Overall, the shower door was a quick decision because option 1 provided more light while option 2 had a grid pattern which didn’t reflect the streamline modern design of the space.

Option 1
Option 2

Shopping List

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