20 + Ways to Decorate with Green

Inspired by nature with examples such as trees, animals and hilltop landscape. Green is a colour that can elevate the ambiance of a room.

We are used to seeing green in homes in the form of plant, but what about green paint colour on the wall?

The year has only started and we have began to see some colourful industry trends.

Why do you need the colour green in your home ? Well, green is a colour that represents balance and harmony.

In terms of colour, we have become so accustomed to neutral interior paint, that it has become difficult to use other colours.

Furnitures and accessories are a great way to introduce green into a space without having to compromise with an overall neutral colour scheme.

Wallpaper, tile, cabinets are just a few ways designers have brought green into interior space.

1. Kitchen – Base Cabinet Accent Colour

all of architecture

2. Wallpaper


3. Pine Green


4. Go Bold with Seafoam Green


5. Mint Green

Jen bryant design

6. Grey Green on the Door


7. Velvet Sofa

amy tastley

8. Army Green Colour

9. Green Tile

Studio DIY

10. Bright LimeGreen

the old house beautiful

11. Emerald Green


12. Floral Wallpaper

13. Headboard

14. Wainscoting

15. Viridian Green Cabinet

16. Velvet Dining Room

17. Contemporary Kitchen

18. Velvet Accent Chair

19. Subway Tile Backsplash

20. Esquarian Living Room

21. Green Sofa


22. Green Accent Chair


23. Green Bookshelf


24. Green Dining Chairs


25. Floral Wallpaper


26. Bedroom Accents


27. Green Banquette


28. Grey Green Island


29. Green Modern Sofa


30. Green Wallpaper with White


31. Contemporary Bathroom


32. Bright Green


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