3 Small Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants

Time to stop dreaming about a garden and time to start building a luscious collection. The best way to begin is to start small and most importably with indoor plants. With an indoor plant you are most likely to stumble upon it sometime during the week and water it. Small plants are great for tables, shelfs and desks which are surfaces you are most like to interact with during the week. Below is our selections of care-free indoor plants.

Snake Plant

Commonly known as snake plant this evergreen perennial plant grows vertically. This drought tolerant plant has dark green leaves which makes a great accessory for decorating. The low maintenance plant is suitable for indoor and outdoor environment. The size varies from between 28-35 inches long and 2′-0″ to 2-4″ inches wide, while a well treated snake plant can grow as tall as 6 ft.


A funky looking plant, cactus comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a succulent plant that is ecologically designed to store and retain water. The stem is like a tank it preserves water, this is the reason cactus have a wide stem. Another unique feature is the spines which protects the plant air flow which causes water loss.

Aloe Vera

Thrives in tropical climate, aloe vera has become a trendy beauty remedy that is used for skincare and hair treatments. The edges of the leaves have sharp white teeth, so care should be taken when holding the plant. Considered an ornament plant due to it’s shape and ability to blossom flower, allow vera, requires little watering and is pest deterrent.

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