Creative Ways to Transform Your Backyard

Spending summer enjoying your backyard should be a no brainer. Sun, water balloon fight and popsicle are just a few things that come to mind when you think of summer.

Popular shows such as Yard Crashers on HGTV have transformed many backyards into an extension of the home. This is the general reason why people want a backyard –that is to entertain outdoors during the warmer season. 

To no surprise, it can be challenging to achieve an outdoor entertainment retreat in the permits of your home. Well, we have all the tips and tricks you need to conquer your backyard. 

Let’s be honest the best way to begin is to assess your needs, so what would you like to use your backyard for? This ensures that the space is designed for particular needs. 

Many backyards are for playing and family get to together, so having some greenery for soccer or running around is a priority. While for a kid free home which involves younger couples or empty nesters the backyard is for entertaining, so hardscape is crucial. 

Some people want both greenery, paved patio and shaded areas –this is the ideal setup for a backyard. Generally, having a diverse space with a variety of activities such as seating and playing is the best use of space and from a financial perspective it increases the value of the property. 

The dressy part of an outdoor space is definitely the furniture and accessories. In many ways, potted plants can also be considered an accessory as it enhances the overall space with colours and sometimes reinforces the colour scheme. 

Outdoor dining furniture such as dining chairs and table provide a comfortable setting to enjoy barbecued food outside. While lounging furniture such as sectionals, sofas and armchairs ensures that occasional seating and entertaining is possible outside. 

Designing a backyard can be as complex as having a landscaper, contractor or landscape architect draft a detailed plan which includes irrigation, deck, vegetation, flagstone, pool, and pergola. Well, it can also be as simple as buying furniture from Lowes, Home Depot, Wayfair, Walmart or Amazon.

Whatever the scope of your project the images below shows that having some form of a color scheme will help enhance the design.  Exterior furniture has become more modern, with simple lines and sleek design, additionally the furniture is lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver during parties and family gatherings.  

Recently, black has become a popular color for outdoor furniture and accessories. Even planters come in black, which shows demand for the color. Black creates a modern look, it is very complimentary when paired with other tones such as wood and white. 

Natural wood is still popular for outdoor spaces and there are creative ways of incorporating wood to create a fresh and updated look. The trick is to make sure the wood is an accent tone while a neutral color such as white dominates. Blue is a vibrant color, it’s a reflection of the sea and the sky, it creates a sense of calmness which is the reason it is heavily used.  

Shockingly, white is a color we are seeing more of in patio decor, paired with blue it can create the perfect costal look. From the pictures, instantly you will notice the beautiful impact white makes when combined with wood, as it creates a crisp and sleek look.

Make the most of summer by enjoying your backyard. Let our list of inspirational images motivate you to get some work done.



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