How to Create an Instagram Worthy Bathroom

Soak in your deep bathtub and let the stress of a hard workday fade away. 

Recently, bathroom design has become popular. Don’t believe me? Just scroll through Instagram and you will notice there are several variety of bathroom designs. 

There are several reasons people decide to update their bathroom, this may include finances or an emergency.

Bathrooms take a back seat during renovations because it is only being used for a short time throughout the day. Most homeowners believe that as long as it works its fine, essentially “if it ain’t, broke don’t fix it”.

This concept makes sense mainly because to some owners the main priority is the living, dining and kitchen area. They usually want these three rooms to be open concept so they can see their kids while they cook. Opening up walls is expensive and by the time kitchen renovation is completed the whole renovation budget is gone. 

The reality is the amount spent in these three rooms are worth the investment and usually homeowners see the bathroom renovation as a phase two project in three to five years. 

To be honest, taking some time off from renovating is a good thing, as it can reduce stress. I mean the toughest part of renovation is the financial constraint especially when unexpected expenses arise.  

Once you choose to resume your renovation, browse through some inspirational images to spark some design ideas.

Generally, what pushes the need to renovate the bathroom is frustration. Usually a family of four are depending on one bathroom for morning, evening and daily routine, once the demand for this bathroom increases then the family moves forward with a renovation. 

Former interior designer Jenny Komenda, discusses a similar experience in her blog. She had to transform the laundry room and a small bedroom into a laundry/ mudroom, guest bath and a master bathroom. 


For daily use, the guest bathroom functions as her kid’s main bathroom. This new floor plan transformed how her family lives by creating and expanding spaces within her home. 

Juniper Home

With the location of the guest bathroom she was able to include a laundry room which didn’t require any significant plumbing changes. 

This goes to show completing a bathroom renovation can help improve the functionality of the home, however taking sometime to understand how your family use your home will help you create a better design that functions for your family. 

Compared to a kitchen, the bathroom is a smaller square footage, it still requires the same level of detail. 

Details including backsplash, flooring, tub, faucet, vanity, mirror and lighting are items that help bring the space together. 

It all needs to flow together to create a complete look. By focusing on one style such as traditional, contemporary, modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian, eclectic, or industrial, it will help narrow down the material selection based on the style choice. 

The main feature is the tile which is applied on the floor and wall, so it occupies a large portion of the bathroom. Which means selecting the right tile that conforms to the style is important because once the tile is installed it is expensive to remove. 

Inspirational images can showcase different tile patterns and colours which help with decision making. So, let our set of inspirational images inspire you with your renovation. 

Architectural Digest

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