3 Creative Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Be as creative as possible when you are decorating for thanksgiving. Decorating can sometimes sound overwhelming especially with an event that brings family members together, so make sure to have fun. 

Reuse as much as possible and be creative.

What you will notice from our design is how colorful it is. Therefore, we recommend digging into your Christmas décor pile to find red and orange pieces to add as your center piece. 

Entertain your family using our table setting design.

Table Setting Decor: Napkin / Utensils / Navy Blue Plate/ Aqua Blue Plate / Palm leaf / Mini Pumpkin / Maple Leaf Faux / Black Candle / Yellow Rose Flower / Dahlia Flower / Candle Holder / Centre Piece Runner

Table Setting Decor: Utensils / Black Plate / Spotted Plate / Large Pumpkin / Candle Holder / Maple Leaf Faux/ Mini Pumpkin / Nakin Ring

Table Setting Decor: Napkin / Plate / leaf / Candle Holder / Maple Leaf Faux / Mini Pumpkin / Large Pumpkin

Get inspirational ideas for thanksgiving from these colourful images.


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