How to Create a Farmhouse Bathroom

Ever wondered how to incorporate farmhouse style into a bathroom? Well, we will share a simple design that achieves this look effectively.

To be on the safe side stick with a black and white colour scheme. This will help when shopping for materials and finishes as it narrows down options.

Plumbing fixtures in black make a bold statement, while having white walls and tile is a fantastic contrast with the fixtures.

The flooring could be white, black, grey, or a mixture of all three to create a sense of continuity.

Pattern tile such as encaustic tile, geometric patterns have proven to be the best way to achieve a farmhouse look.

Furniture and Materials: Vanity / Shower fixtures / Flooring / Mirror / Shower Tile / Faucet

Our set of inspirational images show a number of ways to tackle farmhouse design in the bathroom.


What are your favourite features for farmhouse bathroom?

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