The Best Organizational Solutions and Home Decluttering Tips

Living in the Marie Kondo era has taught us that we need to invest more personal time to cleaning and decluttering. 

She wants us to embrace a minimalistic lifestyle and keep the most important things, however this is hard to achieve. 

While editorial interiors display a well put together space, the most notable accessories are baskets, dividers and clear containers. 

So, if you just need to keep that magazine or your old artwork for inspiration or nostalgia just ensure that it’s stored properly.

When it comes to decluttering, what I like to call workstations such as desk, countertop and coffee table should be kept clean.

At the bare minimum, eliminate any mess starting with pens, then move on to items that need to be in the trash. It’s important to have a good system in place it doesn’t matter if it’s in the morning or evening just dedicate a specific time to cleaning. 

There are many benefits that comes from having a put together space. The first is a sense of ease, as it’s easier to find things. Which means you have a sense of control. 

Secondly, cleaning brings a sense of freedom because you feel as though you have more time and you are less stressed or anxious. Finally, it makes you more productive and motivated. 

What about you, do you get overwhelmed, frustrated or happy when you clean?

Here are five tips to staying organized 

  1. Place items in specific locations, which makes it easy to find things. 
  2. Consider categorizing things and putting them in groups.
  3. Purchase adequate storage solutions.
  4. Declutter often: weekly or monthly. 
  5. Clean surface areas before you go to bed. 

What are some of your important organizational and cleaning solutions?

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